Dynamic Assets & Performance Monitoring

Our Mission

Oversight - Control - Accuracy

To provide our clients with unparalleled transparency, control and oversight of their global assets. DAPM strives to be the world’s best financial consolidation and monitoring service.

A Leader in
Wealth Consolidation and Supervision

DAPM was established in 2002 and is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. The company combines the best of technology and financial expertise to deliver a best-in-class offering.

Our software platform has been developed entirely in-house with an unrelenting focus on integrating the latest in technology, security and data processing.


Uncompromised Oversight

DAPM is owned exclusively by its management.
Independence is an essential factor in ensuring our interests & commitment are entirely aligned with our clients.

Data Protection

Focused on Security

Data security & confidentiality are DAPM’s highest priority and are embedded into every business process and activity.


We make it work

Our team of financial analysts are ready to help with all requirements and are experienced in adapting to the unique needs of each client.

Our team

Analysts and Engineers

The management team at DAPM each have between 20 and 30 years of financial market experience at major banks and asset managers.

Our IT team is made up of a mix of experience and youth, all exceptionally talented and dedicated to technological excellence.

Our team of financial analysts have expertise and training in all areas of investment finance (CFA’s, CAIAs, FRM’s and Master’s in Finance and Business Administration), fully equipped to ensure the highest level of professional oversight of all your assets.

Our service

One service, Many benefits

Data Collection

As an end-to-end service, DAPM interacts directly with all your banks and custodians to gather, validate and control all data, daily.

Financial Control

Enjoy an extra layer of control. Monitor your past and future cash flows, control your costs, and flag trading anomalies.


Customised reporting to meet your specific needs. Unmatched accuracy, granularity and ‘look-through’ transparency

Security & Confidentiality

Built upon Privacy and Security by design principles, our private cloud is secured with top of the line encryption, data anonymization and three-form factor authentication

Online Platform

Monitor your portfolio online, whenever you want, in real time. Utilise advanced analytical tools and view your portfolio from multiple angles.


A team of financial experts and analysts always at hand to provide the support you need.